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About Gabriel Fancher

Who is Gabriel Fancher?

I am many things.

I am a superhero. My superhuman talent is connecting people. Nothing brings me more happiness than helping people connect to what they need. Sometimes, its connecting them with a book, an idea, or another person that can fix their problem, and sometimes it’s the right house or the right buyer of their house so they can find a new home.

I am a Realtor. I have helped over 100 families buy or sell a home in middle Tennessee. I   utelize economic modeling and data to help make sure that clients are getting top dollar for their property and that my buyers are not over paying for a home. I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. I have been a leading top producer for over 18 years.

I am a coach. I have coached basketball and tennis, but with over 20 years of successful sales experience I love to coach sales people. I have coached real estate agents and other salespeople. I help people identify their competitive advantage and find ways to help people deploy that skill in a manner to win the game.

I am a teacher. I have worked as an educator for over 10 years and continue to work in the classroom. I have connected students to ideas and helped them identify their passions so they can achieve their dreams. From Economics to Finance to English and so much in between, give me a projector, a white board, and some time and I can teach you how to do just about anything.

I am a family man. In my free time I have seven children (yes you read that correctly) who I love and adore. I have a wife that keeps me busy with a list of honey do’s and whenever possible we love to travel. (With and without the kids)

I am a helper. How can I help you? If I can help you in anyway, please reach out and let me know what you need help with. It would be my pleasure to connect with you, and who knows I may know someone looking for you.

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